The petition


Our Petition to Support Austin’s Music, Arts, and Cultural Tourism for All of Austin would prioritize City allocation of its hotel occupancy tax dollars—paid by visitors on hotel room charges—to support cultural, heritage, and environmental tourism.

The ordinance would limit hotel occupancy tax (HOT) spending to support the Convention Center to no more than one-third of the HOT revenue. Cultural, heritage, and environmental tourism would receive the rest — benefiting visitors and residents alike.  

The ordinance would require a public vote for any significant expansion of the convention costing more than $20 million. 

The ordinance would require the City to commit the maximum currently allowed by State law of 15% of HOT revenues to the City’s arts and culture grants program and 15% to historic preservation grants. Additional support for arts, culture, and preservation would be funded under other buckets allowed by state law, including cultural, heritage and environmental tourism promotion, enhanced tourism signage to local businesses and business districts, and tourism-related transportation that would benefit all of us. 

The ordinance would also require any agency, like Visit Austin (aka the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau), that was contracted to administer tourism promotion funds to comply with State Open Meetings and Public Information laws, just like the City of Austin.

Lastly, the petition sets an immediate effective date and standard severability clause.