Proposition B

What it does and why it matters

The City wants to spend $1.2 billion to demolish, rebuild, and expand the Convention Center. Proposition B offers an alternative plan that simply reallocates a portion of the Hotel Occupancy Tax revenue to provides millions of dollars more to support music, promote cultural tourism, and address homelessness without the expansion expenditure. 


1. Prioritizes public funds to promote and invest in all the things we love about Austin, many of which we are at risk of losing — music, arts, parks, pools, local businesses, and preserving Austin’s history.

2. Gives Austinites a vote on the expansion of the Convention Center

3. Requires transparency in how public dollars are spent by the multinational hotels who run Visit Austin (the Convention Center’s marketing arm).


1. Public Voice – You deserve to vote on such a major public expenditure. 

2. Invest in Austin – Promotes and invest in live music, events, parks, and local businesses that generate tourism instead of transferring wealth from those things to the downtown Convention Center, which benefits the multinational hotel corporations, such as Hilton and Marriott.

3. Fairness – Despite generating less than 4% of tourism, the Convention Center gets 72% of all tourism funding ($70 million annually).

4. More for Music – All the benefits of an expansion, touted by the proponents who are funded by multinational hotels, could be achieved, and more, without a $1 billion+ expansion.

5. Failing Business Model – The center loses more than $34 million annually ($93,000 per day) and the expansion will cost more than $1 billion, funds that could be spent on important needs.